Southwest Director

Janiece Cress - Cache Public Schools

102 E H Avenue 
Cache, OK 73527
(580) 429-3542 Office
(580) 429-3271 Fax
Mrs. Cress graduated from Cache School in 1982.  In 1993 Mrs. Cress began working for Cache School as a teacher’s assistant before moving to the role of library assistant.  Mrs. Cress was name Director of Transportation for Cache School in 2003.

Mrs. Cress married in 1986 to Bill and together have raised 4 children, Zachary, Lindsey, Brooke, and Kaidin. 

Cress says, “The most helpful thing is seeing how other districts handle similar situations as mine and I have learned a lot from the others that have been in transportation longer than me. When I first joined OAPT I really didn't understand or know a lot of the things to do with buses. I have learned a lot about the laws and many other aspects of transportation.”