Safety Renewal Education - OAPT offers on-line and face-to-face in-services to bus drivers across the state. These in-services                                                          are developed to ensure that drivers receive the necessary continuing education credits required by                                                        law to maintain their Commercial Drivers License.

Certification - In addition to the Renewal Educational Requirements, OAPT continues to raise the bar. We further assist                                              transportation specialist by standardizing bus driving education programs offering statewide certification to all                                bus driver trainers.

Technical Workshop - We provide transportation personnel the opportunity to attend a four day annual conference/workshop                                               where they will be exposed to the new ideas and technologies relevant to the industry.

Online Training - OAPT proudly offers access to essential education and training materials via the internet. This program has                                         proven to be one of the best benefits of becoming an OAPT member. It affords your bus drivers and                                                       maintenance workers the privilege of receiving up to date pertinent training materials without the loss in time                                     or the cost of travel.  Check out the benefits of online training HERE!

To enroll New, Renewal or ReCertifications Drivers:

                 Contact Kim Hamilton at OAPT to purchase this online testing
                  (405)514-4606 Cell or by e-mail at


 Schedule of Fees

                  $100.00 OAPT Conference Registration per Person
                  $45.00 per Student for online School Bus Driver Training and much more!

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